2019 Assemblies

This year’s Free Minds, Free People in the Twin Cities will do Assemblies a little differently. FMFP 2019 will host topic-oriented assemblies, modeled on the Project South People’s Movement Assemblies, on Friday and Saturday evenings.

A FMFP General Assembly on Sunday morning will bring together the energy of the whole conference, setting us all on track for a shared agenda of education activism over the next two years.

Friday Assemblies (July 12, 2019 – 5pm to 6:30pm)

Each Friday assembly will have dinner provided. Assembly planners are free to include or can network with Local Special Events to have music, dance, art, poetry elements, etc included in the assembly space and program.

The National Student Bill of Rights (Youth only) – Room: Bruininks 220
The National Student Bill of Rights was created as a framework for looking at education as a civil right. Here we will explore the ways in which we can practice education unapologetically while acknowledging who we are and where we come from. This means practicing education in a revolutionary way, taking back the spaces that our rightfully ours and positioning them so that they serve the young people in them.

Families United for Justice Network – Room: Bruininks 114
Families United 4 Justice Network, (FU4J) is a growing frontline collective of families impacted by police violence. FU4J provides compassionate holistic care by nurturing and supporting each other in building a powerful political police accountability and transparency movement to eliminate extrajudicial police killing and change policing culture. The problem is building unity among impacted families of police violence across the United States. Create a bonding effect where no families have to go alone or not feel supported in their personal journey for justice for their Love one murdered.

Social Justice Teacher Unionism: Organizing for Power – Room: Bruininks 230
Across America, educators are fighting for the schools their students deserve and gaining power as the working class. Strikes in the red states (West Virginia, Arizona, Oklahoma) and the blue cities (Los Angeles, Oakland) are showing what can happen when educators, students, parents, and communities organize together. This assembly will convene all who are interested in the movement being built by educators on the front lines fighting for social justice in their schools, districts, and unions.

Saturday Assemblies (July 13, 2019 – 4pm to 6pm)

Each Saturday assembly will have dinner provided. Assembly planners are free to include or can network with Local Special Events to have music, dance, art, poetry elements, etc included in the assembly space and program.

Joint Assembly: In Schools Where Black Lives Matter + Ethnic Studies – Room: Bruininks 220
Ethnic Studies. Our assembly is intended to be the foundational steps to creating pre-K-12 Ethnic Studies throughout the nation, which is grounded in critical consciousness, critical thinking, and simultaneously authentic and responsive to local communities. Participants in the assembly will have an opportunity to analyze and synthesize the political moment, through a collaborative and democratic process, in order to create a plan of action for the implementation of ethnic studies nationwide.
In Schools Where Black Lives Matter. What began in 2016 as a one-day event, became a week of action in 2017 and has now become a national movement to make Black Lives Matter at School. With a focus on four national demands, educators from across the country worked together to create a curriculum centered on the 13-guiding principles of Black Lives Matter. We invite you to join us as we organize to make our four demands a national reality.

From Hiroshima to the World: Why We Must Vote for a Nuclear Free World NOW! – Room: Bruininks 230
When we talk about social, racial, health and environmental injustice we hear from the opposition that there just isn’t enough money to address these problems. We are saying the money is right there, it’s just allocated to our mutual destruction as opposed to our mutual evaluation! The new UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, in which 122 countries voted YES, passed on July 7th, 2017. Now is the time to join this fight!

Sunday General Assembly (July 14, 2019 – 9:45am to 12:15pm) – In Ted Mann Concert Hall

We want to stress that ALL free minds and free people should try to PARTICIPATE in the Sunday General Assembly.

The purpose of the General Assembly is to UNIFY the 4-day conference with some consensus on a SHARED AGENDA and ACTION PLAN that many of us will be trying to implement in our own places and spaces over the next two years.

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Here are a few of the things that will be taking place in the General Assembly:

  1. Representatives from each assembly report out on ideas and action plans.
  2. Some assemblies may ask for debate/dialog/input on issues that need more discussion.
  3. Some assemblies may ask for buy-in to action plans, or resolutions from the whole conference to support initiatives.
  4. Some assemblies may invite specific commitments from individuals or orgs to advance or represent action plans in particular cities, regions, networks, etc. (A first organizing opportunity while people are still in conference.)


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