We are extremely excited to announce that the next Free Minds, Free People will take place in Baltimore, MD, July 6 – 9, 2017!   We’re excited to announce that registration is now open for the #FMFP2017 conference “Fighting For Our Lives!” Spread the word and register today!

Free Minds, Free People is a national conference convened by the Education for Liberation Network that brings together teachers, young people, researchers, parents and community-based activists/educators from across the country to build a movement to develop and promote education as a tool for liberation. Read more about our mission and goals.

Our most recent Free Minds, Free People 2015 in Oakland, CA, was huge success and drew more than 1200 people participating in over 100 workshops, panels, site visits, and assemblies! Check out the video from Oakland (here or below)! Young people and teachers from Baltimore traveled all the way to the Oakland conference last year and are ready to bring their BMore best to the rest of us for the next FMFP.

We’ll plan to see you July 6 – 9, 2017 in Baltimore, MD – mark your calendar, start organizing to participate, and spread the word!

With just about a month left to go before #FMFP2017 we are launching our brand new Fighting For Our Lives Social Media Campaign! We’d love to see and share the incredible people coming to Baltimore and the many ways we are collectively transforming and liberating ourselves and our communities!

Send us a video that answers the questions: “How are you fighting for your life and the lives in your community? and “How will you share your fight at #FMFP2017?”

Step 1: Try to include as many different ages and identities.

Step 2: Use a smartphone so the sound is loud and the video is clear.

Step 3: Shoot in landscape mode (hamburger style) and make sure the video is no longer than 1 minute.

Step 4: Include a caption with social media handles of those involved and city/organizations you’re reppin.

Step 5: Email video and caption to edjrma@gmail.com between now and Friday 6/30 to be featured on our social media platforms!

Check out our Instagram page to see a sample video of how the People’s Education Movement-Bay Area will be bringing that Bay love and anti-colonial, hopeful, and transformative educational work to #FMFP2017!

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