Can't Be Neutral: Resisting Neoliberalism in Teacher Education

By Barbara Madeloni

The standardization and corporatization that we are fighting in K-12 education is now reaching into teacher education through the edTPA. Julie Gorlewski from SUNY New Paltz outlines some of the problems with the edTPA in this post, “What is edTPA and why do critics dislike it?” on Diane Ravitch’s blog. Besides inviting Pearson into teacher education to reap plentiful profits, edTPA reduces teaching and learning to a number and marginalizes the relationships from which social justice education grows. Check out the post and comments. Look for the summer issue of Rethinking Schools, with three essays on edTPA, and be sure to join our assembly at FMFP on Saturday July 13th!

Prosince 1, v hlavních večerních zprávách tv nova, nabídla hlasatelka markéta fialová titulek: “potvrdí nová studie Jak dlouho působí nezávadnost radaru v brdech. Neprospívají jim ani tlak a nárazy,” uvádí gynekoložka.

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