Announcing our interactive Saturday Plenary

We are looking forward to an amazing plenary panel on Saturday afternoon. Not only do we have a great line up of panelists, we are turning the traditional plenary structure into a more interactive, democratic experience.

The discussion, called, Save Public Education, Defend Our Communities: Two Parts of the Same Struggle, gives us the opportunity to talk about the challenges and rewards of bringing teachers and communities together in the struggle for education justice. The panelists are:

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Sean Arce FMFPSean Arce, teacher and consultant, Xican@ Institute for Teaching and Organizing





Chgo Teachers Union Staff Port 030212Karen Lewis, president, Chicago Teachers Union





karran PHOTOKarran Harper Royal, New Orleans public school parent and education advocate





sharronSharron Snyder, Philadelphia Student Union





After the panelists have kicked off the discussion, the entire audience will split into small groups to talk about what they have just heard. Then our panel transform into a fishbowl-style discussion in which representatives from each group will be invited in turns onto the stage to participate in the discussion.

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