“Signing” on to the Student Voice Movement

By: Caitlin Donnelly

More and more weight is being put on standardized test scores in teacher evaluations in our schools. Administrators evaluate teachers based on a couple classroom visits throughout the year. Meanwhile, students who are in the classroom every day are denied the opportunity to share their opinions on teachers and instruction. Research shows what you already know, that students recognize good teaching when they see it. It’s time to make the voices of students heard!

Join the YOUNG Coalition for the “We Are the Ones in the Classroom – Ask Us!” workshop, where we will discuss how we got the Boston Public School district and the Massachusetts Board of Education to utilize student voice in teacher evaluations and how you can make this a reality in your school. Constructive feedback and student input in evaluations helps build relationships, improves teaching, and creates a positive school culture.

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Throughout the conference, be on the lookout for the mobile “Student Voice Photo Booth.” This picture-campaign asks students, teachers, organizers, and anyone else connected to education to tell us why student voice matters and how it improves the classroom. Make a sign, take a picture, and “sign on” to the student voice movement!

Connect with us in Chicago, or go online to studentvoicematters.org to see photo booth pictures, find out more about the national campaign for student involvement in teacher evaluation, and get resources to start this movement in YOUR city.


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