YoUthROC Research Studio: Creating space to center Youth of Color through Kinship and Social Action

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Keem Anderson, Grace Coleman, Esha Dabbs, Shaunassey Johnson, Jae-Lah Lymon, Jonashka Maldonado, Savannah McCullough Jayla Pope, Victoria Pope, Abby Rombalski, Kiarra Scott, Amina Smaller, Lydia Vejar
Friday 7/12/2019 - 1:15pm to 2:45pm - Room: Carlson 118
Using Youth Participatory Action Research as a guide, the YoUthROC Research team of north Minneapolis will take you through research activities towards developing a public, accessible space for youth, kinship, and action. Participants can check out an approach to #finstaresearch and see how we developed our team and ideas for a public engaged research studio that different groups can access. You can find us at the Robert J. Jones Urban Research Outreach-Engagement Center or follow us on IG: @umnyouthroc