Friday Afternoon Plenaries

We will be having concurrent plenaries sessions on Friday afternoon. One is an all-youth for youth panel (ages 25 and under welcome) and the second is our Water is Life panel.

Youth Plenary: Our Title is a Secret ’cause the Government is Watching 👀(Title reveal at the session)

The youth plenary at Free Minds, Free People will  be a total youth space–no one over 25 allowed in.

Purpose: To motivate and prepare for the youth-led March and Rally Against Injustices on Humanity such as Violations of Immigrant Rights taking place the next day, Saturday, July 8.


  • Youth speakers will talk about their work as organizers and activists.
  • Guess Your Right!! An interactive workshop on the National Student Bill of rights.
  • Planning and banner-making for the March and Rally Against Injustices on Humanity such as Violations of Immigrant Rights.

Friday, 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm — McManus Theater

Water Is Life Plenary

Water, the most fundamental resource for the sustainability of all that is living on earth, is under attack. The continuation of settler colonialism through the denial  of access to clean water on Indigenous lands as well as the commodification of water in urban spaces has produced a new layer to the fight for cultural survival and self-determination. This session will engage us in learning about and thinking better about our connections and balance with living and nonliving beings.

The Water is Life session brings together three eco-justice advocates and educators to discuss the recent attacks on water through an international perspective. Mama Lila Cabbil (Detroit), Tabor White Buffalo (Standing Rock), and Zeiad Abbas (Palestine) will explore the cultural, political, and economic impacts of water justice in their locations.

Friday, 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm — McGuire Hall