Pop-Up Books and the Need for “Our”stories in the Classroom

Kleber Ortiz (Minneapolis College); Alexa Reyes Moctezuma, Zaira Reyes, Ninchai Nok-Chiclana, Andrea Melguizo Jasmine Perez, Karen Delgado-Villanueva, Michel Gonzalez Hernandez, Nicolle Manuel, Maria Jose Yepez Veintimilla, Jorge Nunez (co-presenters) Amber, Hops, Nancy, Lluvia, Samson, Noor (Minnesota Historical Society)
Friday 7/12/2019 – 1:15pm to 2:45pm – Room: Carlson 233
This workshop will focus on telling histories/stories that get ignored at school, specifically stories about Latinx people. Students will present topics in Latinx history that are left out of the dominant school curriculum. Students will lead participants in understand the significance of the Pop-up books movement and make recommendations on how they would like to see “our”stories told in the classroom.