Building Bridges: Literary Magazine Programs as an avenue for community connection, global education, and safer schools by practicing empathy

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Becca Carson - Big Sky High School, Aerie Magazine Program
Saturday 7/13/2019 - 11:15am to 12:45pm - Room: Carlson L-118
Aerie Magazine Program is excited to show you just how mighty the pen can be. Learn how a small group of students from Montana created a global community of writers and activists with a literary arts magazine and a series of annual community wide events. Anyone can be a slam poet, and any community can benefit from a poetry slam event. Participate in a writing exercise designed to target one major theme in your life and develop an original spoken word poem draft to articulate needs, challenges, and/or celebrations related to that theme. We’ll send you home with introductory resources and practical steps to plan a citywide poetry slam or informal poetry workshop within your own school or community!