Art Space at ARISE

Saturday Morning, 6/11 @ 9 A.M. – Noon
ARISE High School

For three hours on Saturday morning, educators will have the chance to demystify a variety of art practices with the guidance of practicing artists and brainstorm how arts practice can be infused in their work.

In the setting of one of Oakland’s most vibrant schools, ARISE High School, participants will create work that addresses struggles for place-keeping across time.Build your skills with this crew of talented Bay Area artists in this hands-on art workshop at ARISE High School in the Fruitvale district of East Oakland.  Participants will walk away with newly developed skills in a medium of their choosing, ideas for projects and a “how-to” zine. Choose from quick and cheap silkscreening, stencils, block-printing, drawing, photography, blogging, and beatmaking.

Artists Include:11692593_1656503357912501_3970909737607953926_n
Romi Acosta (Painting)
Dunya Alwan (Silkscreen)
Evan Bissell (Block-printing)
Melanie Cervantes (Pictured) (Silkscreen)
Lawrence Festin (Drawing)
Lex Non Scripta (Stencil)
Linda Nguyễn (Stencil)
Jana Templanza (Painting)
Jr Arimboanga (Photography, Stop Motion Film, Blogging)