Disability Is Not An Afterthought: Centering Dis/ability & Mental Health In Culturally Relevant & Sustaining Pedagogies

Lilly Padía, Jenna Bosco - New York University
Saturday 7/13/2019 - 11:15am to 12:45pm - Room: Blegan 435
Education cannot be truly liberatory while it marginalizes and excludes discussions of dis/ability and mental illness/health. Culturally relevant, responsive, and sustaining pedagogies have become popularized in education, particularly in social justice dialogues. This workshop focuses on the intersections of dis/ability, mental health, race, gender identity, sexuality, language background, class, and other identity markers in the context of culturally relevant pedagogy. Participants will construct sample syllabi that position dis/ability as a center point in culturally sustaining learning. We call on educators to transform our thinking about what counts as culturally relevant and what is at stake when disability is left out.

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