Meet the Organizers

Free Minds, Free People is organized by a large team of volunteers from across the country–teachers, students, activists, academics and parents.

Adeola Oredola
Community based educator and facilitator - Providence, RI
Adrinda Kelly
Teach For America
Alexandra Ahn
Oakland Unified School District, People's Education Movement Bay Area, Teachers 4 Social Justice
Alexa LeBoeuf
Annenberg Institute for School Reform
Amanda Najib
Teachers College, Columbia University
Angel Tibbs
The Baltimore Algebra Project
Annie Terrell
Ashley Terada
Teach For America, Los Angeles
Ashley Triggs
Rethink (Kids Rethink New Orleans Schools)
Asif Wilson
Teachers for Social Justice (Chicago), Ethnic Studies Collaborative Chicago, Harold Washington Community College, UIC,
Ayala Goldstein
formerly Oakland Unified School District, currently pursuing a Master's at NYU
Biba Fullon
Education for Liberation Network
Brian Lozenski
Macalester College and Network for the Development of Children of African Descent
Brian Ford
Montclair High School, Montclair State University
Brooks Rubin
The Baltimore Algebra Project
Carolina Valdez
People's Education Movement
Cephus "Uncle Bobby" Johnson
Co-Founder of Love Not Blood Campaign
Chris Landauer
Ohio State University
Christina Chaise
Teachers College, Columbia University; Institute for Urban & Minority Education
Christina "V" Villarreal
Brown University
Corey Gaber
Baltimore City Public Schools, Baltimore Teachers Union, BMORE caucus (Baltimore Movement of Rank and file Educators)
Denisha' Jones
Trinity Washington University
Dulari Tahbildar
Breakthrough Providence
Emily Bautista
The People's Education Movement (Los Angeles)
Farima Pour-Khorshid
Teachers 4 Social Justice (T4SJ), People's Education Movement-Bay Area, Education for Liberation Network, Institute for Teachers of Color Committed to Racial Justice (ITOC)
Heather H. Woodley
NYU Steinhardt
Jamia Brown
Rethink (Kids Rethink New Orleans Schools)
Jamilyn Salonga Bailey
Jay Gillen
Baltimore Algebra Project
Jody Sokolower
Rethinking Schools, Middle East Children's Alliance
Joél-Léhi Organista
Education For Liberation Network, Advisory Board
Johnae Strong
BYP100, Ethnic Studies Collaborative (Chicago), Grassroots Education Movement (Chicago)
Jr Arimboanga
Ethnic Studies High School Program SFUSD, People's Education Movement-Bay Area
Julia Arroyo
Young Women's Freedom Center formerly CYWD
Keith Catone
Annenberg Institute for School Reform
Kipp Dawson
SWP/YSA 1963-1990, United Mine Workers of America 1979-92, the Coal Employment Project, and the Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers (AFT 400)
Kristy Luk
Annenberg Institute for School Reform
Leigh Patel
Boston College and Education for Liberation
Lisa Putkey
Peace Educator and Youth Organizer
Mark Kasen
Educators for Social Justice in St. Louis
Maria Cedillo
Baltimore Algebra Project, Local Logistics Coordinator for Free Minds Free People 2017, student at the University of Maryland College Park
Michele Parker
Baltimore Algebra Project and Baltimore City Public Schools
Martín Alberto Gonzalez
Cultural Foundations of Education Department at Syracuse University
Natalia Cuadra-Saez
Teacher Activist Group- Boston
Natalia Bacchus
Baltimore City Public Schools, Baltimore Teachers Union, BMORE caucus (Baltimore Movement of Rank and file Educators)
Njeri Parker
Nyla Bell
Philadelphia Student Union
René Ly
Teachers 4 Social Justice, People's Education Movement - Bay Area , SFUSD
Rose Brewer
University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Roxanne Lawson
Rethink (Kids Rethink New Orleans Schools)
Rukeene Jones
Rethink (Kids Rethink New Orleans Schools)
Riyaz Gayasaddin
Teach For America
Shyama Kuver
Artist at Heart Over Crown and Graduate Student at George Washington University
Susan Wilcox
SEW Consulting, FireBeads Media
Talia Winningham
Youth Initiative High School, Wisconsin
Teddy Chao
The Ohio State University
Columbus, OH
It brings together all my heroes.
Thomas Nikundiwe
Education for Liberation Network
No matter where FMFP is held, it always feels like home. Very much looking forward to making a new home in Oakland, CA this year!
Zakiya Sankara-Jabar
Racial Justice NOW! Ohio and and Dignity in Schools Campaign