Meet the Organizers

Free Minds, Free People is organized by a large team of volunteers from across the country–teachers, students, activists, academics and parents.

Aaron Nakai
Oakland, CA
This has provided myself, and young people we work with, solid ground for consistent growth, connection, solidarity, sustenance, and sustainability as engaged advocates and critical student/teachers fighting for our communities.
Aja D. Reynolds
Teachers for Social Justice
Chicago, IL
I am excited about FMFP, because we can celebrate our many victories to share in paving the way for justice in our schools and our communities, as well as, be inspired to keep fighting the good fight.
Alex Poeter
Alex Poeter Coaching & Consulting, Education for Liberation Network
Boston, MA
FMFP is one of the most diverse and equitable movement building spaces the social justice community in this country has to offer.
Biba Fullon
Education for Liberation Network
New York, NY
The people from FMFP have taught me, loved me and shown me how social justice work is lived in our every day lives.
Brian Ford
Montclair High School, Montclair State University
Montclair, NJ
I'm excited because events like FMFP are crucial to continuing to build the education justice movement to defeat the neoliberal assault on education.
Carla Shalaby
University of Michigan
Detroit, MI
I love FMFP because it's a model of a teaching and learning space rooted in love, centered on the struggle, and energizing the movement for schools worthy of our young people.
Chela Delgado
Teachers 4 Social Justice
Oakland, CA
It has been so important to me to be in education spaces that are led by educators of color and by youth. Free Minds Free People reminds me of the June Jordan line, "We are the ones we have been waiting for."
Crystal T. M.
Institute for Democratic Education in America (IDEA)
Jackson, MS
Honored to be apart of this powerful space. I am excited about engaging, building and learning from/with organizers and activists across the country!
Curtis Acosta
Acosta Latino Learning Partnership
Tucson, AZ
FMFP in Oakland will serve as yet another amazing milestone for students, teachers and community organizers of color in the work toward educational justice and liberation for youth. I am excited that the inspiring work of so many people will be shared on the west coast this summer, as we continue to grow in our movement throughout the country.
Damon Packwood
Hack the Hood
Oakland, cA
Guess who's back? I'm happy to be back on the FMFP committee. That famous line from The Godfather is so true, but when you're surrounded by so many intelligent people dedicated to making the work better through education and social justice it's hard to say no.
Emily Bautista
the People's Education Movement
Los Angeles, CA
I'm looking forward to building with people across the country committed to education for liberation. FMFP is a necessary hope space.
Erica R. Meiners
Chicago, IL
Looking forward to learning from people working in communities for economic, racial and gender justice!
Farima Pour-Khorshid
Teachers for Social Justice (T4SJ)
Bay Area, California
Creating spaces for educators, community organizers, students and families to collaborate, reimagine, and strategically build in solidarity is what makes this conference so powerful for me.
Heather Homonoff Woodley
Steinhardt, NYU
New York, NY
I'm excited for the unique opportunity at FMFP to have a conference space with the energy, leadership, and insight of youth, and to learn from them.
Irene Ushomirsky
Peabody Terrace Children's Center
Boston, MA
I became hooked on FMFP in Providence, RI, in 2011. Since then, being part of the FMFP and EdLib community of organizers and educators has been a inspiring experience. Oakland 2015 promises to be another another invigorating gathering of brilliant, justice-seeking, and powerful minds, bodies, and spirits!
Jr Arimboanga
ARISE High School
Oakland, San Francisco, Stockton, CA
Oakland has been the epicenter of grassroots political movements for generations! I'm excited to continue to build on this legacy with like-minded folks all over the country!
Karen Zapata
Teachers 4 Social Justice
San Francisco, CA
I remember my first FMFP, it was amazing and helped me grow my analysis and bring some of that radical energy to our local organization: Teachers 4 Social Justice. Now we are honored to be part of bringing FMFP to the Bay.
Keith Catone
Annenberg Institute for School Reform
Providence, RI
I'm excited to join the FMFP fam out in Oakland and for the conference to finally make its way to the west coast!
Leigh Patel
Boston College
Boston, MA
FMFP is a conference for connection across many populations and spaces - I love its energy that comes when we break out of our normal circles.
Leticia Contreras
Houston, TX
FMFP 2015 is going to be an energized space filled with big dreams, innovative strategies, and creative healing practices. I'm excited to collaborate and grow with passionate people from across the country and world. This transformational experience will continue beyond our time in Oakland. It has been an honor to serve as a Workshops Committee facilitator; we're already envisioning a beautiful FMFP 2017!!
Liza Gesuden
Peoples Education Movement Bay Area
Oakland, CA
FMFP is about love -- a deep love for ourselves, our people, our education, and our liberation. FMFP gives me the space to reflect, so I can act. It is love in action.
Myosha McAfee
Racial Equitecture
Oakland, CA
"There is a strange kind of tragic enigma associated with the problem of racism. No one, or almost no one, wishes to see themselves as racist; still racism persists, real and tenacious." - Albert Memmi
Neha Singhal
University of Maryland
College Park, MD
I'm grateful to be part of this space & can't wait to be among others educating for liberation!
Nicole Farley
Teachers 4 Social Justice
San Bruno, CA
I am excited to learn from other educators, community members, and most importantly - youth - about how to make education less about state standards, and more about liberation and awareness of self.
Patrick "Cam" Camangian
People's Education Movement, Bay Area, Education for Liberation Network
Oakland via Los Angeles, CA
Oakland's own Huey P. Newton taught us that, "Power is the ability to define phenomena, and make it act in a desired manner." Similarly, Free Minds Free People is an attempt to define educational phenomena, and make it act in our desired manner. Folks interested in being a part of this effort locally, and across the country, should definitely make every attempt to be there.
Prof. Rose Brewer
University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN
To critically interrogate and decolonize knowledge is central to FMFP. This must be central to the creation of a socially transformed world. I'm excited about the possibilities of our collective work.
Tara Mack
Chicago, IL
I can't wait to Free Minds, Free People to go West for the first time. It's a great place to talk about anti-colonial education. And I love reconnecting with the FMFP family!
Thato Ramoabi
Community Justice Network For Youth
Oakland, CA
Free Minds Free People (process and gathering) is energizing, collaborative, and liberating!! I first attended FMFP in 2011, in Providence. I am excited that FMFP 2015 will be in Oakland- my new home.
Theodore Chao
The Ohio State University
Columbus, OH
It brings together all my heroes.
Thomas Nikundiwe
Education for Liberation Network
No matter where FMFP is held, it always feels like home. Very much looking forward to making a new home in Oakland, CA this year!
Youth on Board
Boston, MA
I am super excited to meet and build with different struggles across the United States in the fight for the liberation of the Human Race.
Cati de los Rios
The People's Education Movement, NYCoRE
Roger Viet Chung
San Quentin State Prison ROOTS (Restoring Our Original True Selves) Program, Laney College of Oakland, CA
Mark A. Bautista
SFSU - College of Ethnic Studies & Metro Learning Academies
David Stovall
Professor of African American Studies & Educational Policy Studies, University of Illinois Chicago, Volunteer Social Studies Teachers, Social Justice High School
Sharim H. Martinez
People's Education Movement-Bay Area
Tracy Lachica Buenavista
Department of Asian American Studies/DREAM Project, California State University, Northridge
Antonio Martinez
UMASS and People's Education Movement-Los Angeles