List of All Sessions for FMFP 2019

The following is an alphabetized list of all workshops and other sessions at FMFP 2019. You can also see these sessions categorized into the four blocks on the schedule during which they take place.

#ClearTheAir: Learning With & From Beloved Community
#IAmBeautiful: (Re)Claiming Our Beauty & Silencing Negative Self-Talk
#Letters4aCause Youth Civic Engagement Letter Writing workshop (Free Young Minds Track)
A Way to Wakanda: Male Allyship as a Path to Freedom
Act Out: Utilizing Theater of the Oppressed to Explore Systems of Injustice and Resistance in Ourselves and Our Schools
Amplify: youth-generated data for youth advocacy
Black Lives Matter At School: Teaching the 13 Principles, Pre-K through 12
Black Resistance in Oromia (Free Young Minds Track)
Blk2School: Using social media as a way to ignite city-wide conversations
Brave New Films: Film to Cultivate Social Justice and Action in the Classroom
Bringing Palestine Home: Building Curriculum that Ties Your Students’ Lives to Palestine
Bringing the Black Lives Matter Week of Action to Your School/City
Building an educational justice movement: Powerful forms of parent and community organizing & unpacking inequities in public education 60 years after Brown vs. Board
Building Bridges: Literary Magazine Programs as an avenue for community connection, global education, and safer schools by practicing empathy
Building Consensus for a Liberated School
Building Schools to #LiveUnafraid
But who are you really? An photo and creative writing workshop to explore identity
Challenging Islamophobia through Theatre Arts
Children’s Liberation: Rendering Gender Autonomy
Consumerism Was Designed For The Wealthy and We’re Paying With Our Lives – How Do We Stop It?
Conversations on Race as Culturally Relevant Pedagogy
Cradle to Prison Algorithm: St Paul families taking on concerning trends in data sharing practices
Creating Equitable Participation in Math Classrooms
Cultivating an Intersectional Community: How One Milwaukee School Puts Theory Into Action
Data 4 Ed Justice: A Tool to Evaluate Culturally Destructive & Culturally Responsive Curriculum Across Schools
Democratic School Design: Youth Voice to Create Just Schools
Developing Critical Consciousness
Disability Is Not An Afterthought: Centering Dis/ability & Mental Health In Culturally Relevant & Sustaining Pedagogies
Disrupting Oppressive Pedagogies in Teacher Education – Part II
Disrupting Oppressive Pedagogies in Teacher Education I (Sat)
Disrupting the School-to-Prison-to-Deportation Pipeline
Engage for Ed Equity through ESSA
Exclusion to Empowerment: Communities redefining the role of parks
Feel It To Heal It: Creating Collective Healing
Fighting for our hopes and dreams: Developing the new generation of activists (Free Young Minds Track)
Free Minds, Free Hearts
Free Minds, Free Hearts: Lessons in Lyrics because “We Gon Be Alright”
Free People & Judicial Review: Living the Constitution’s Bill of Rights
From Deficit Discourse to Dreaming Desires: re(creating) possibilities for education
From Savior to Accomplice: Action Civics and How We Empower Youth to Lead
FYRE Safety: Fearless Youth Restoring Environments in Schools (Free Young Minds Track)
Gender-Justice: Challenging the Culture of Violence Through Transformation and Collective Value. “Yo Se Cuanto Valgx, Yo soy Carx” -Bad Bunny
Healing Justice: Healing Starts with Me Healing
Imagining “Classroom Management” as an Abolitionist Project
It’s All in the Game: Cooperation in Our Play
“Know Your Rights!” How mobile apps are supporting student rights and student power in New England
Latinas Finding Light: Healing from Generational Trauma
Latinx Woes: Advocacy for mental health in communities of color
Latinx Woes: Advocacy for mental health in communities of color
Learning Through Youth Authorship in the Classroom
Let’s Talk! Restorative Circles and Equity Conversations (Free Young Minds Track)
Liberation and healing to combat police terrorism, education policy, and other state-sponsored violence in our communities
Manifesting Anti-Bias Dreams At School: Grant-writing tricks of the trade for educators
Mapping History – Tracing Connections (Free Young Minds Track)
Media as a tool for youth creativity, resistance, documentation, and liberation
New Approaches to School Abolition
No More Stolen Lives: “Impacted families Systematic Response to extrajudicial killings
Nothing About Us, Without Us: Restorative Justice Led by Youth
One Out of Five: Disability History and Pride
Organizing to Humanize Schooling in Detroit
Our People Gotta Eat
Pa’lante Restorative Justice: Youth-Led School Transformation
Palestinian, Black & Occupied; Existence is Resistance
Pathways Toward Emancipatory Educational Experiences: On Re-orientation, Rituals, and Relationships
Playing Along: Using the Language of School Reform to Bring Play Back to Urban Early Childhood Classrooms
Pop-Up Books and the Need for “Our”stories in the Classroom
Power to the Students: Winning 16 & 17-year Olds the Right to Vote in School Board Elections
Power, Voice, and Choice! Holding Liberatory Space with and Centering Our Youth!
Queer it Up! Learning & Teaching Queerly
Race, Representation, and History in Early Childhood Classrooms: Focus on Children’s Literature for the Black Lives Matter at School Week of Action
Radical Sexuality and Gender Justice
Reclaiming ME: Muslim Educators
Redefining STEM as a tool for Social Justice
Reframing the School Funding Narrative: From Adequacy to Reparations
Resisting the Criminalization of Students of Color
Rethinking School Climate
Rise Up For Your City: Creative Writing as a Source for Local Change (Free Young Minds Track)
Roots of Struggle: What does Racism have to do with Capitalism?
Say It Forward: Centering Marginalized Voices through Oral History
Self-Guided Tours As Culturally Empowering, Community-Centered Projects For Students
STEM Justice in Action – Tools for Educators
Stop Saying We Can’t Read: An Interactive On Removing Stigma for Striving Readers
Suspensions in Elementary School: Myths, Facts, and Alternatives
Talking about Race: Disrupting Racism in Schools
Teacher Education & Organizing
The People Are Not the Problem: Dismantling the School-to-Prison Pipeline
The Power of Mathematics to Right Wrongs and Write Rights
Things Teachers Say: Confronting Implicit Bias and Microaggressions in Classrooms
This Land, Our Land! Our Future: Reclaiming and Protecting Our Right to Housing by Securing the Role of Youth in Community Land Trusts Integrating
“Trauma” as a popular but concerning way to explain complicated lives: An opportunity for youth and families to push back on damaging narratives
Understanding & Engaging Multiracial Identities in the Classroom
Undoing Patriarchy – Internal Healing for Sacred Action
Unpacking the Cradle to Prison Algorithm: St. Paul Case Study with National Implications
We are NOT Criminals: Keeping Marginalized Students Safe
We Got This!: Parents Organizing from Our Position and Place
Working With The Streets to Examine Opportunity, Health and Violence
Young People’s Economic Power
Youth Activism: Making a Change and Empowering Youth Activists (Free Young Minds Track)
Youth Mental Health Activism: How storytelling affects the brain?
Youth Organizing: Desert Roses Through Concrete, “Paper-Selves”, and Relationships
Youth Transforming Justice: Nothing for us without us
YoUthROC Research Studio: Creating space to center Youth of Color through Kinship and Social Action