Saturday, 2:15 pm to 3:45 pm—Workshops & Presentations

Arts and Brafts (BAP arts and Crafts) (Young Activist workshop – ages 5-12)

Black Voices & Spaces: A Course for Secondary Schools

Building a Systematic Response to Islamophobia in Schools

Building Bridges: Revitalizing Our Schools Through Educational Partnerships

Can a Course Titled Decolonizing Education Really Be That Transformative?: Decolonial Movements vs Moments

Capturing Narratives: Engaging Youth Through Photography

community-driven planning model; cultivating indigenous leadership

Confronting Racism in Teacher Education: Counternarratives of Critical Practice

Creating Spaces for Youth Participatory Action Research (YPAR)

Decolonization Isn’t A Metaphor, Burn It All Down

Detroit Students on Creating Community Education

Fight Back: The Revolution Will not be Co Opted

From Coping to Hoping: Teaching Students to Thrive through Social Trauma

Healing Justice: Social Justice Youth Development as Radical Healing

Hopes, Dreams and Drums: Drumming for Liberation In and Out of the Classroom

How Can Graffiti Be Used to Challenge Dominant Settler Narratives in a Rapidly Gentrifying City?

Is Race Real? Three Viewpoints on Race Help Us Explore our Racial Identities

Know Your Rights, “10 Rules For Dealing with Police”

Knowledge is Power: The Roots of Social Justice Issues and Youth Organizing

Leaning into Vulnerability as a Healing Justice Praxis

Learning and Identity within Critical Pedagogy

Listen to the Incarcerated: A Youth Program Aimed at Educating the Community

Participatory School Design for Participatory Democracy

Radical by Design: Transformative Media Production in Organizing

Step Up Step Back: Youth As Leaders in Organizing

Taking Off The Mask

The Journey to Liberation (Young Activist workshop – ages 7-12)

University District Freedom School: The Black Radical Tradition Continues

What Liberates Special Needs Students, Liberates All