Our Schools, Our Vote. Power to the Students: Winning 16 & 17-year Olds the Right to Vote in School Board Elections

Alessandra Chavira, Danna Martinez, Mariam Gopalani, Roshan Bliss, Tezcatli Diaz - Student Voice, Student Vote Coalition
Saturday 7/13/2019 - 2:15pm to 3:45pm - Room: Carlson 219
What if students had the electoral power to influence policy and officials your school district? How would school boards and their decisions change if students were an organized part of the electorate? The Student Voice, Student Vote (SV2) campaign in Colorado has been exploring these questions by building a student-led coalition advocating for legislation to lower the voting age for school elections to 16. Learn how this groundbreaking strategy seeks to shift the landscape of power in schools, and plan for how it could be used in your local context.

FB: @SV2Colorado
Twitter: @COSVSV
Insta: @studentvoicestudentvote