No More Stolen Lives: Impacted families Systematic Response to extrajudicial killings

Cephus Uncle Bobby X - Oscar Grant Uncle Oakland Ca, Beatrice Auntie B X - Oscar Grant Aunt Oakland Ca, Dominik Archibald - Nathaniel Pickett Mother Las Vegas NV, Earl Lewis - William Chapman Cousin Portsmouth Virginia, Samuel Sinyangwe - Activist - Mapping the Police, Jamilia Land Activist - Sacramento Ca --- Love Not Blood Campaign
Saturday 7/13/2019 - 11:15am to 12:45pm - Room: Blegan 130
This panel of nationally and locally known impacted families and activists will discuss systematic responses to extrajudicial killing to achieve police accountability and transparency. In order to tease out the systematic maneuvers employed by families to raise political consciousness and garner a diverse base of public support; we will critically examine the events of several high and low profile extrajudicial killing throughout the United States. Understanding these systematic maneuvers within the context of a family led movement is imperative to understanding the subsequent alliances and political strategy that emerge to achieve police accountability and transparency.