Liberation and healing to combat police terrorism, education policy, and other state-sponsored violence in our communities

Cephus Uncle Bobby X - Oscar Grant Uncle Oakland Ca, Beatrice Auntie B X - Oscar Grant Aunt Oakland Ca, Dominik Archibald - Nathaniel Pickett Mother Las Vegas NV, Earl Lewis - William Chapman Cousin Portsmouth Virginia, Samuel Sinyangwe - Activist - Mapping the Police, Jamilia Land Activist - Sacramento Ca, Martín Alberto Gonzalez, Romo, Alex Ojeda, Syracuse University, CSUN MOSAIC
Saturday 7/13/2019 - 2:15pm to 3:45pm - Room: Carlson 213
Family members community educators engage in a discussion to share stories of the acts of violence and terror they have encountered through police terrorism, education and school policies, and other armed forces. The sharing of these stories, focused on liberation and critical pedagogy, not only helps address ways to address injustice, but is itself an act of defiance in documenting these critical narratives. Warning: Panelist will share stories of police violence and murder of loved ones.