Baltimore 2017 Workshops/Panels

The following is the full list of workshops and panels at the 2017 Free Minds, Free People conference in Baltimore.

#1 in Criminalization: Deconstructing the Myth of the Criminal Black Body

#BlackGirlMagic, Code-Switchin’, & Walking Back In! How Black Girls ‘Pushed Out’ Push Back!

#RelationshipGoals: A Teen-led Approach to Preventing Dating Violence in Their Rural School Community

Abriendo Caminos/Opening Pathways for Students of Color into the Teaching Profession: Giving Back to the Community Through Teaching

Affirming Islam and Fighting Anti-Muslim Bigotry

Anti-PIC/Prison Abolition and Education Working Group 

Are We Prepared for ‘School’ Abolition?: Education and the Challenge of a Radical Imaginary

Art and Activism

Art Changes People and People Change the World // Using the Arts to Inspire Human Rights Change

Arts and Brafts (BAP arts and Crafts) (Young Activist workshop – ages 5-12)

Baltimore: A Trauma and Resilience Informed City for Children and Families

Becoming Dominican in America: Conversations Led by Young Men, for Young Men

Better Practices in Human Trafficking Education: Survivor and Educator Perspectives

Black Girl Civics: Creating Alternative Spaces to Increase the Civic Engagement of High School Black Girls

Black Liberation During the Baltimore Rebellion: Research to Action

Black Muslims Throughout U.S. History: Filling the Textbook Gaps

Black Voices & Spaces: A Course for Secondary Schools

Bookmaking Studio (Young Activist workshop – ages 7-12)

Borders and Walls: Stories that Connect Us to Palestine

Build Your Own School

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Building a Systematic Response to Islamophobia in Schools

Building Bridges: Revitalizing Our Schools Through Educational Partnerships

Building Digital Timelines to Create Histories of Liberation

Building Liberated Spaces for Education and Community DevelopmentBuilding Sustaining Relationships with Homeless Youth through Art

Can a Course Titled Decolonizing Education Really Be That Transformative?: Decolonial Movements vs Moments

Capturing Narratives: Engaging Youth Through Photography

Changing the “No one at school listens to us” Culture: Building & Sustaining Student Leadership Groups in Middle School

City of Wind, City of Fire: Education and Activism in Chicago 1966-1975

Classroom as Counter-Narrative: Storytelling in the Fight for Public Schools

community-driven planning model; cultivating indigenous leadership

Confronting Racism in Teacher Education: Counternarratives of Critical Practice

Controlling the Narrative: Digital Storytelling as a Tool for Research and Resistance

Create, Activate, Elevate: Arts & Media as a Catalyst for Social Change

Created Equal: Classroom Tools for Examining The American Dream

Creating Spaces for Youth Participatory Action Research (YPAR)

Culturally Responsive Mathematics: Teaching Mathematics to Fight Racism, Sorting, and Segregation in K-8

Decolonization Isn’t A Metaphor, Burn It All Down

Decolonizing the Academy: Student Activism at PWI’s

Defining the Culture of Violence (Young Activist workshop – ages 8+)

Desettling STEM Education: Unpacking the Hidden Curriculum

Detroit Students on Creating Community Education

Discussing the Black Lives Matter Movement in the Classroom

Education Not Deportation: Supporting Undocumented Youth Leadership in Schools

Ethnic Studies in Elementary: Challenging Colonialism in the Curriculum

Exploring Student Peer Tutoring

Facilitate To Empower

Facilitating Popular Education Spaces

Family Engagement for Radicals: Using Popular Education and a Social Justice Lens

Fight Back: The Revolution Will not be Co Opted

Finding the Personal in the Political and Political in the Personal: Youth Rise Texas and Youth Cinema Collective Collaborate

From Coping to Hoping: Teaching Students to Thrive through Social Trauma

From Our Roots to Our Flowers: Culturally Responsive Curriculum and Assessment

Gettin’ Free Through Creativity

Healing Justice: Social Justice Youth Development as Radical Healing

Healing Through Resistance: Confronting The Crisis of State Sponsored Murder in the ERA of Trumpism

Hip-Hop Words Music: Finding Your Voice for Social Justice and Activism (Young Activist workshop – ages 4-12)

Honoring Emotional Intelligence While Dealing with Conflict

Hopes, Dreams and Drums: Drumming for Liberation In and Out of the Classroom

How Can Graffiti Be Used to Challenge Dominant Settler Narratives in a Rapidly Gentrifying City?

How Equitable is Your School? Join the Youth Equity Project and Learn How to Evaluate Your School

Humanizing And Restorative Approaches to Youth Participatory Action Research

Humanizing Schooling in Detroit

Is Race Real? Three Viewpoints on Race Help Us Explore our Racial Identities

Know Your Rights, “10 Rules For Dealing with Police”

Knowledge is Power: The Roots of Social Justice Issues and Youth Organizing

Leaning into Vulnerability as a Healing Justice Praxis

Learning and Identity within Critical Pedagogy

Lifting Up Youth Voice: The Journal of Youth Scholarship

Listen to the Incarcerated: A Youth Program Aimed at Educating the Community

Make Your Voice Heard: Exploring Youth Activism Through Drama (Young Activist workshop – ages 6-12)

Making Research Work for Us: Youth Participatory Action Research

Master Writers (Young Activist workshop – ages 7-12)

“Meta-tuning” Our Selves: A Playshop for Critical Urban Youth Workers

Mexico’s First School Shooting: A Social Context

Mirrors and Windows: Utilizing an LGBTQ-Inclusive Curriculum for Safer Schools

Not Just How Things Are: Youth Reclaiming Power Within High School Rape Culture

Organizing a Black Lives Matter Week of Action

Participatory School Design for Participatory Democracy

Putting Central America on the Map in the Classroom

Radical by Design: Transformative Media Production in Organizing

Rebuilding Teacher Union Power from the Bottom Up

(Re)creating Humanizing Pedagogies: Developing Syllabi to Center the “Everyday” with Students and Teachers

Research-based Novel: Using Fiction to Share Counter-hegemonic Epistemologies

Revolutionary Mothering

Rise Up! Youth Speak! (Young Activist workshop – ages 4-12)

Say That!: Making Theater as Citizen Artists

School Privatization and the Illusion of Interest Convergence: Why We Must Change the Narrative

See Us Support Us: Perspectives from Children with Incarcerated Parents

SELfcare for Organizers

Social Movements Against Racist Police Brutality and Department of Justice Intervention in Prince George’s County Maryland

Sparring with Stereotypes: Boxing Gyms and Positive Youth Development

Step Up Step Back: Youth As Leaders in Organizing

Take Action for True Power!

Taking Off The Mask

Teaching Action Civics-Using PAR in the Community to Support Civic Engagement

The Fight for Public Education Across Borders: The Tri-national Coalition

The Healing Power of Anti-racist Education

The Journey to Liberation (Young Activist workshop – ages 7-12)

Together a Part: Radical Grief for the Revolution

Twitter Fingers Turn to Edu-Leaders

Understanding Power

Undoing Patriarchy and Unveiling the Sacred Masculine for Ourselves and Communities

University District Freedom School: The Black Radical Tradition Continues

Using Student Feedback to Improve Teaching

Village Building in Baltimore City Schools 

Violence in Higher Education: Desegregating the Classroom and the Community

We (ARE) the People: Resistance Training for the 21st Century

WE ARE STILL HERE: Building a People of Color-Led Ethnic Studies Movement in Chicago

We Have the Tools of Strength!

What is a Writing and Math Center?

What Liberates Special Needs Students, Liberates All

When Work is Play is Justice

“Who Are You(th)?” – An Interactive Workshop on Identity

Why We Stay? (Young Activist workshop – ages 4-12) (THIS WORKSHOP HAS BEEN CANCELED)

Young, Angry, and Black

Youth Power: Organizing and Advocacy for the Schools We Deserve

Youth-led Evaluation for Social Justice