Some Sights from Day 1…so far…

Yesterday’s pre-conference activities (Radical Professional Development and a celebration the 1963 Chicago school boycott with the Civil Rights Opera ensemble and Kartemquin Films set the tone well, and now Day One of FMFP is nearing its close – and what a day it has been. The bulk of this year’s conference is taking place in the wonderful Uplift Community High School but we kicked off our festivities at the People’s Church with a great keynote from Jitu Brown. So far, we registered about 1000 people. The workshops have been engaging and very well-received. Plenty of organizations and vendors have tables from which, as one of our attendees said, one must pry themselves themselves away.

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Tonight, we will be among the first people to view Growing Fairness, a film by our friends at Teacher Unite. An open mic session will also take place. Both events are at the Instituto del Progreso Latino.

Tomorrow’s plenary is a town hall/panel featuring CTU president Karen Lewis.

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Below are just a few of the sights from today’s events…

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