Day 2 photos…

Day two wrapped up with a second plenary — a town hall/panel featuring several wonderful education activists

The workshops went very well again on day two. For the first time ever, FMFP has added “people’s assemblies” — long-form democratic discussions focused on movement-building. Two took place today — one for the continuing National Student Bill of Rights Movement, and another focusing on social justice in teacher education.

While the evening ended with the FMFP community processing the verdict in the Trayvon Martin case at various locations, we did want to still honor and celebrate the work done here on Day 2.

Day 3 is a day full of people’s assemblies: “Academics Gone Wild,” an Ethinc Studies Call to Action, the Journey for Justice campaign and school closings, radical adult education, social justice unionism, community violence and the school-to-prison pipeline, organizing resistance to Teach for America, and a young activists’ introduction to ethnic studies.

We have also organized spaces for people to discuss the implications of the aforementioned verdict Trayvon Martin verdict. Our closing activity has changed to a singing march to the red line train station where we will depart to a local rally at Daley Plaza.

Below are some photos from Day 2 (and some more form Day 1, too!) …

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