Highlights from Dr. Warren's panel: “The Role of White People in Racial Justice Activism”

Some argue that racial justice activism is incomplete without the involvement of white people, that the movement of racial equality requires allies of the dominant American majority. It isn't difficult to see some truth in a statement such as this. One need only look to the Freedom Riders of the 1960's for an example of what can be accomlished when white and black folks get together. But, as we fly out of the time zone of the civil rights movement and turbulently descend into the struggles of the new century, how do white educators become involved in today's racial justice challenges? 

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That was the theme of the panel discussion, Does it Matter if I'm White: The Role of White People in Racial Justice Activism. A widely discussed workshop at the FMFP conference, the attendance was good, but it was far from packed. If you happened to miss the panel check out some of the footage I caught with background beats by DJ-by-night Marketing and Communications Committee Chief, Julian Lute.

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