Asian American Youth Rising panel is available for viewing

We didn't expect to put this footage up, but one of the conference members were so insistent that we just couldn't say no. The Asian American Youth Rising panel features youth leaders from Vietnamese American American Leaders Association (New Orleans), The Asian Student Association (Philadelphia) and Yoojin Lee of Health Resources in Action. During the discussion, panelist shared “inspiring stories and provide[d] examples of youth-led change efforts.”

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The entire event minus the last few minutes has been uploaded onto our YouTube page. It was far too long to post it on the blog and we had to upload it in five different parts. If you want to know more about the youth panel read Biba Fullon's write-up of it here. 

And, on a side note: If you have keen eyes and ears you might even catch our plenary keynote speaker Dr. Vincent Harding participating from the audience. 


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