Whose Schools? Our Schools!

Barbara Cruz & Brahim Aich
Chicago Public School Student Voice Committees
Friday, 11:30 am to 1:00 pm -- Rm F-204

Amanda Ripley from The Atlantic wrote, "Students are the most valuable and least consulted education-policy makers in America." It is time to change this perspective! In Chicago we have over 30 Student Voice Committees, student-led organizations in schools making significant changes. Do you as a student play a role in your school decision making process? We believe that schools function better when there is true communication between students and adults in the building, and that students can provide valuable expertise to adults on how to foster a more peaceful and positive school culture. Students should be a school leader’s greatest ally in developing school improvement.
This workshop will discuss and demonstrate through interactive activities how this can happen in a school setting. Chicago Public School Student Voice Committee leaders will lead this workshop and share their student voice transforming stories.