We (ARE) the People: Resistance Training for the 21st Century

Jessica Shiller, Karsonya Wise Whitehead, Jesse Schneiderman, Nadeira Simone, Tracey Kent, Brittany Horne
Friday, 11:30 am - 1:00 pm -- Rm 341

We are now less than six months into the Donald Trump era and it has been a time of great upheaval, hostility, unrest and massive resistance. This is the age of awareness and engagement where teachers and students must use every opportunity to deeply engage with some of the political and social questions that we are now wrestling with, in real time: What type of country do we want to live in? What does racial equity and inclusion look like? How do we organize and resist? How do we, as educators, transform our classrooms into spaces of resistance and engagement?In this session, the co-facilitators will use both the #TrumpSyllabusK12 and the #DayWithoutaWoman Syllabus as teaching tools and as models for resistance training and lesson plan writing.