Understanding Adultism and Building Partnerships with Youth

Xavier Maatra & Chris Cannon
Chicago Freedom School
Saturday, 2:15 pm to 3:45 pm -- Rm. E-204

Adultism is a form of oppression that privileges adults over youth and children. It perpetuates age-based stereotypes that limit the potential for intergenerational power-building. When people practice adultism, young people are viewed as objects instead of resources. Even for social justice-minded people it's a constant process to learn how to support youth without using adult privilege to involuntarily harm and control them. This interactive training will challenge participants to reflect on their own power and understand how individuals and institutions are often set up to support adults to oppress youth.

As participants learn how to dismantle adultism they will:

1. Create a basic understanding of common dynamics between youths and adults
2. Develop a working understanding of the your role as an adult ally for youth
3. Explore how power dynamics between adults and youth manifest culturally, institutionally, interpersonally and personally