Talking the talk with sponsors on outcomes and “best practices”: Tools for social justice educators and community organizers

Roderick Watts, Will Buford, Rashida Govan, Ben Kirshner, Jawanza Malone & Neva Walker
City University of New York, Funding Collaborative on Youth Organizing, University of Colorado at Boulder, Kenwood Oakland Community Organization & Coleman Advocates for Youth
Saturday, 2:15 pm to 3:45 pm -- Rm. B-252

Leaders of youth community organizing (YCO) and social justice educators must communicate the power of their work to foundation officers, administrators, and policy makers. When discussions turn to “outcomes” or evidence that your work is effective, can you talk the talk but stay true to your analysis? This workshop offers essential skills and technical knowledge on “evidence-based practices”, the YCO – youth development connection, and a chance to build your own success indicators for social-justice work.