Reimagining Schools as Liberatory Spaces

Friday, 11:30 am to 1:00 pm -- Maryland 241

Schools have overwhelmingly served as as sites of social reproduction and thus sites of production of inequality. While some young people are prepared to be CEOs, others are prepared to enter the penal system. This way of schooling has become entrenched in the rest of the systems of our society and has become common sense. Can we break out of our collective acceptance of the way things are to imagine a way to freedom? The two presenters in this session challenge us to reimagine the spaces we compel young people to inhabit.

Research presented:
Are We Prepared for 'School' Abolition?: Education and the Challenge of a Radical Imaginary by David Stovall, Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago

Building Liberated Spaces for Education and Community Development by Monique C. Scott, Founder of Freebrook Academy