Reframing Revolution: Inner Work for Outer Freedom

Matice Moore
Tucson Mindfulness Community
Saturday, 2:15 pm to 3:45 pm -- Rm. B-256

Our working spaces may engage practical and theoretical approaches to “freedom” and “liberation” but seldom make time to reflect on and explore how those concepts are also reflections of our minds and daily experience. If, as Gloria Anzaldúa states, “Awareness of our situation must come before changes in society,” then inner reflection is integral to anti-oppression work. During this session we’ll engage in dialogue, writing and art activities, and explore a mindfulness based exercise called Meditative Ancestor Inquiry guided by the wisdom of womyn of color and those whom individual participants identify as their trusted and sacred ancestors. Participants will leave with additional tools that support the discernment of our inner liberation and increase our capacity to do social justice work.