Know Your Rights, “10 Rules For Dealing with Police”

Cephus "Uncle Bobby X" Johnson, Beatrice Johnson X
Saturday, 2:15 pm - 3:45 pm -- Maryland 344

Black American need special rules for dealing with the police because for decades and centuries they have received separate and unequal treatment at the hands of the law enforcement. Black people and people of color have consistently been treated worse and subjected to a double standard when it comes to law enforcement and the criminal justice system in general. In no state or jurisdiction anywhere in America can we expect consistent, true, fair, and equal treatment from the police. Racial profiling and discrimination is a reality and Black people legal and human rights in far too many instances are not given the same respect as white or others. Whether you are a “law abiding citizen” who almost never has an encounter with the police or a “cop magnet,” this advice not only could keep you from being in serious legal trouble but also keep you from being beaten, tasered, or shot (if you follow these rules and these things still happen, you have more legal recourse against offending officers).