It’s NOT Whatever: Dangerous Teacher Development Because Our Lives Depend On It

Teachers - back to back

G. Reyes, karen Salazar, Josette Neal De Stanton, Jr Arimboanga
ARISE High School, UC Berkeley Graduate School of Education, People's Education Movement-Bay Area, Teach Tomorrow Oakland
Friday, 11:30 am to 1:00 pm -- Rm B-253

It’s whatever. People say this when they feel they are powerless and must accept a situation. Assata Shakur, however, asserts the more we get used to our oppression, the more we think it’s the normal state of things. “It’s NOT Whatever,” seeks to counter that narrative, specifically in teacher development. This interactive workshop shares ethnographic research on a “dangerous” type of teacher development that attempts to create a narrative of hope and power towards cultivating critical educators within an urban school.