How Equitable is Your School? Join the Youth Equity Project and Learn How to Evaluate Your School

Denisha Jones, Gus Morales, Luz Christina Ramierez Mooney, Michael Flanagan
Badass Teachers Association
Friday, 11:30p.m. - 1:00p.m. -- Knott Hall 005

Schools collect data on students and teachers but who collects meaningful data on the school? We think YOU(th) should. This workshop is designed for middle and high school youth who are interested in participating in the Youth Equity Project. Youth will learn how to collect and analyze equity-based data in a variety of areas including: physical facilities, resources, culturally relevant curriculum and teaching, school culture, gender equity, racial justice, religious freedom, and support for children with special needs and English Language learners. It's time we turn this data-driven obsession into a collection of real data that matters to YOU(th)!