Healing as Self-Determination: Black women-identified women organizers, educators, parents, and students speak on what Black students need to heal, survive and thrive

Ebony Johnson, Laureen Adams, Candice Valenzuela, Nikita Mitchell, Brooklyn Payton, Kana Azhari, Chinyere Tutashinda & Liz Derias,
Friday, 2:15 pm to 3:45 pm -- Rm. B-210

This panel unites Black woman-identified women across organizations, roles and perspectives to dialogue about healing as it relates to the education of Black children and the struggle for self-determination. The subject of healing is gaining headway as more schools incorporate mindfulness, yoga, and restorative justice into their school day. Yet state terrorism, mass incarceration, gentrification and the criminalization and miseducation of Black youth continue to escalate, and national movements have arisen to proclaim #blacklivesmatter. Locally, the needs of black male youth have been uplifted without similar dialogues on the needs of Black girls or queer youth.
This panel will center the voice of Black students, parents and educators, and woman-identified people, but all are welcome. The goal of the panel is to expand our notion of healing within social justice education through dialogue.