Finding the Personal in the Political and Political in the Personal: Youth Rise Texas and Youth Cinema Collective Collaborate

Giselle Garibay, Myles Kovalik, Natalie Goodnow
Creative Action, Youth Cinema Collective, and Youth Rise Texas
Friday, 2:15p.m. - 3:45p.m. -- Sellinger 104

This workshop will share active and arts-based exercises for group dialogue and creation utilized in a partnership between Youth Rise Texas and the Youth Cinema Collective, in which young people in two Texas youth groups collaborated to make a film sharing personal teen stories against the backdrop of political challenges such as mass incarceration and deportation. Youth Cinema Collective strives to tell stories underrepresented in mainstream media through film; Youth Rise Texas engages young people directly impacted by familial incarceration and deportation as leaders, organizers, artists, and healers in their communities.