Can a Course Titled Decolonizing Education Really Be That Transformative?: Decolonial Movements vs. Moments

Alejandro Carrion, Helen Gutierrez, Danielle Douge, Daniela Guerrero, Yesenia Craig, Jorge Buendia
Northwestern University
Saturday, 2:15 pm to 3:45 pm -- Maryland 343

Our goal is to envision a new imaginary where decolonizing education is not just a metaphor–where this educational work is not constrained by the boundaries of a pre-existing system–where decolonization is not compromised by the trajectories of conventional schooling, but is a truly tangible present. We want to highlight how messy and theoretical this work is, and in doing so, reveal our own hypocrisies and shortcomings in imagining a future for education that is truly decolonial.