Build Your Own School

Marie Mokumba, Katie Sarai, Tavon Tobin, Moriah Beatty, Daijah Hill, Jonae Galloway, Asia Davis, Kittrell Edmonds
Baltimore Algebra Project
Saturday, 11:15 am to 12:45 pm -- Maryland 243

The Baltimore Algebra Project is a youth ran, youth led grassroots organization that aims to ensure a quality 21st century education for Baltimore City youth by tutoring and emphasizing the importance of math. Our organizers are comprised of high school and college aged youth who are paid a living wage who advocate for educational justice and youth employment for students of color around the country. This workshop is aimed to encourage students to build their ideal school by discussing issues within the school system today and coming up with solutions. By using the National Student Bill of Rights as a guide, students will create a school that caters specifically to their academic needs.