#BlackGirlMagic, Code-Switchin’, & Walking Back In! How Black Girls ‘Pushed Out’ Push Back!

Johnae Poindexter, Anyah Goodall, Shanya Espy, Laurel Bell, Angel Meeks, Kasina Boone, Erica Reid, Tonya Walls, Malayka Neith Cornejo
Touro University Nevada
Saturday, 11:15p.m. - 12:45p.m. -- Knott Hall 004

This session shares a youth-centered approach to pushing back on the criminalization of Black Girls in Southern Nevada’s public schools. Situated in the experiences of local youth from Code-Switchin’, a female of color empowerment group started to provide students pushed out of traditional high schools with liberatory space to reclaim positive attributes of their intersectional identities, facilitators will engage participants in activities meant to provoke an examination of inequities in current discipline policies, including sharing strategies youth might use to confront barriers when expressing their authentic selves in hostile K-12 teaching and learning spaces.