Affirming Islam and Fighting Anti-Muslim Bigotry

Nassim Zerriffi
Friday, 11:30 pm - 1:00 pm -- Knott Hall 007

This workshop will help teachers, youth workers, and others to develop the knowledge and skills to combat the widespread and increasing anti-Muslim bigotry. We will learn some of the basics of Islam, the political and cultural underpinnings of anti-Muslim bigotry and how it connects to racism and imperialism. We will focus on correcting the erasure of Muslims from the mainstream historical narrative, especially for STEAM subjects and social studies. Did you know the Renaissance in Europe came about through the transfer of knowledge from the Muslim world? How about the Muslim African roots of the blues? By learning about Muslim contributions to both European and American civilization and culture we will counter the narrative of conflicting civilizations. Come find resources to bring back to your school or organization and workshop actionable ideas to combat anti-Muslim bigotry and affirm Islam within the spaces you work and live.