Saturday, 2:15 pm to 3:45 pm—Workshops & Presentations

Channeling Justice: ‘Zine Creation Workshop

Creative Activism: Utilizing Media for Social Change

Deconstructing Democracies: Bringing a Liberation Framework to Group Processes and Decisions

Free Minds, Free Hearts: Tools for Young Women of Color to Become Whole Again

From Conformity to Community: Critical Classroom Management in an Elementary School

Grassroots Teacher Leadership – Envisioning a new form of “Professional Development”

Is Science for All?: The relationship between science and racial identity

Latino youth as tech translators: Bridging the tech gap for Latino families

More Than a Score: The New Uprising Against High-Stakes Testing

Movement Building: Solidarity through Community Curriculum Books

Problem Posing, Diabetes, and Health Disparities: Taking a critical approach to science education to engage youth and community

Produce Knowledge! Young People Creating Change Through Intersectional Research

Reframing Revolution: Inner Work for Outer Freedom

Sisters in the Struggle: Breaking Ties With Patriarchy to Make Room For Ourselves

Talking the talk with sponsors on outcomes and “Best Practices”: Tools for social justice educators and community organizers

That’s Not Fair and Why: Activist Mathematical Activities for Children – for Young Activists only (ages 7-12)

The Cultural Disconnect of Popular Tech Culture

The Invisible Line that Divides & Unites Us: Racial Equity as a 21st Century Standard

Understanding Adultism and Building Partnerships with Youth

“Wait…Who’s the Enemy Again??! Transforming Militarism and Violence in Oakland Through Liberation Arts”

We are the Ones in the Classroom — Ask Us!