Friday, 11:30 am to 1:00 pm—Workshops & Presentations

#RelationshipGoals: A Teen-led Approach to Preventing Dating Violence in Their Rural School Community

Affirming Islam and Fighting Anti-Muslim Bigotry

Are We Prepared for ‘School’ Abolition?: Education and the Challenge of a Radical Imaginary

Baltimore: A Trauma and Resilience Informed City for Children and Families

Better Practices in Human Trafficking Education: Survivor and Educator Perspectives

Black Liberation During the Baltimore Rebellion: Research to Action

Borders and Walls: Stories that Connect Us to Palestine

Building Liberated Spaces for Education and Community Development

Defining the Culture of Violence (Young Activist workshop – ages 8+)

Discussing the Black Lives Matter Movement in the Classroom

Facilitate To Empower

Facilitating Popular Education Spaces

Humanizing And Restorative Approaches to Youth Participatory Action Research

Humanizing Schooling in Detroit

Incarcerated Youth Leadership programs: Creating Incarceration to Leadership Pipelines

Lifting Up Youth Voice: The Journal of Youth Scholarship

Making Research Work for Us: Youth Participatory Action Research

Mirrors and Windows: Utilizing an LGBTQ-Inclusive Curriculum for Safer Schools

Not Just How Things Are: Youth Reclaiming Power Within High School Rape Culture

Research-based Novel: Using Fiction to Share Counter-hegemonic Epistemologies

SELfcare for Organizers

Social Movements Against Racist Police Brutality and Department of Justice Intervention in Prince George’s County Maryland

Take Action for True Power!

Twitter Fingers Turn to Edu-Leaders

Understanding Power

Using Student Feedback to Improve Teaching

We (ARE) the People: Resistance Training for the 21st Century

WE ARE STILL HERE: Building a People of Color-Led Ethnic Studies Movement in Chicago

We Have the Tools of Strength!

“Who Are You(th)?” – An Interactive Workshop on Identity

Youth Power: Organizing and Advocacy for the Schools We Deserve