National Student Bill of Rights Assembly


Tre Murphy, NSBR Task Force, Baltimore Algebra Project; Alex Pittman, NSBR Task Force, Project South in Atlanta; Cindy Printemps NSBR Task Force, Boston-area Youth Organizing Project, Saeda Washington, NSBR Task Force, Youth United for Change in Philadelphia; Najma Nazy'at, NSBR Adult Support, Boston-area Youth Organizing Project
Sunday, 9:30 am - 12:15 pm -- in the Forum

National Student Bill of Rights for all Youth (NSBR) is an effort to bring together youth from across the country to define a youth vision for education and social justice.It was established at FMFP in 2007, so it’s critical to ground, honor, and continue to build our national agenda to demand rights for all youth within FMFP. The NSBR Task Force will facilitate a three-part assembly session that seeks to recognize, celebrate and prioritize NSBR beyond 2015. Part One- Co-create the NSBR Story in popular education timeline. Part Two- Represent & announce NSBR youth campaigns and strategies so that, Part Three- the FMFP community is inspired to work together to once again create, define and direct the big political action picture together.